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News coverage for Attar et al. Science 2020 paper in which we reported the discovery of histone H3 as a copper reductase enzyme.


News coverage for McBrian et al. Mol Cell 2013 paper in which we proposed that dynamic and global histone acetylation and deacetylation regulates intracellular pH.


News coverage for Horwitz et al. Science 2008 and Ferrari et al. Science 2008.  In collaboration with Arnie Berk’s laboratory at UCLA, we showed how Adenovirus e1a, a viral oncogene, reprograms the epigenome for oncogenic transformation.


News coverage for Seligson et al. Nature 2005 in which we showed that lower global levels of histone modifications in prostate cancer tissues are prognostic of poor clinical outcome. Since this publication, the utility of histone modifications in cancer prognosis has been extended to additional histone modifications and multiple cancer types, regardless of tissue of origin.